Meet the Team

Ward Lookabaugh

Ward Lookabaugh is a veteran in the display manufacturing industry and co-owner of Cutting Edge Creative. Born in Montebello, Calif., and raised in a family that ran its own display manufacturing business, Ward was first exposed to the industry by the age of eight. He was immediately fascinated by how the machinery worked and studied how to tackle various challenges. He quickly became familiar with the overall process of building display products. Ward works directly and closely with customers to develop customized solutions to meet their needs. With a proven track record of interpreting, developing and meeting customers’ needs and wants at an economical price, Ward is always ready to work with any company—whether big or small—to create the display they need to grow their bottom line.

Jen Franklin

Known for her organization and attention to detail, Jen Franklin is an industry veteran and co-owner of Cutting Edge Creative. Originally from Whittier, Ca, Jen has worked in the Point of Purchase Display industry since the 1990s. Jen has a reputation for working with customers to create their projects expediently, creatively and with precision, all while being extremely customer-focused.

Project Manager

Shop Foreman

Shipping Manager